• It is a very happy new year for everyone

    and that is from me and to all of my friends and I hope that you do all have a good New Year and have a good shakey hands song and dance for later! :)

  • It is Bunmas Eve Day Afternoon

    So I will just say that I do hope that everyone has a very nice time and that you will all get a lot of nice presents and do not get too much damage if Father Bunmas does visit :D

  • Happy Bunnoween everyone

    This year someone has said the name Buntlejuice three times and now he has appeared and he has come with a demon carrot friend as well :D


    I hope everybody has a scaaaaaary time tonight and lots of fun as well!

  • things are getting spookier

    and I have got some new slippers that are just in time for Bunnoween and was an extra present after my birthday.
    spider paws!
    They are scary spiders and they was made by the same nice lady that did my other slippers with the one monster eye on and I got them just in time to watch the special Halloween Strictly on saturday so that was good. Watch out because I think that they are on the creepy crawly move!
    Now the Halloween Deal has started too and so I think that tomorrow we will do some decorations :)

  • Happy mirrorball

    Today is my birthday and I am seven now which is very grown up and I have got some pictures and that to show from it but I will do that tomorrow or a bit later in my birthday week probably because I just wanted to say for now that first of all I am very happy because Strictly Come Dancing is back for saturdays as well as Merlin which is another one of my favourites and that means so is the Strictly It Takes Two programme which is every day and keeps us going until the weekend can come. Last night we did notice when we was watching that on Strictly It Takes Two there was a very happy smiley mirrorball behind all of the guests and so I have put some pictures on my faceybook to show what I mean instead of on here for a change because it was a bit easier. It will be interesting to see who it has got as a favourite tonight or if it will just have to wait until Karen is back on again to cheer up properly.

  • Oho!

    ...and I do not mean it is short for Only Here Once which is what the person on Deal should have thought today instead of giving up too early because then they would have won the quarter of a million pounds. No instead I am saying Oho! because I am suspecting something and that is because all of the day long today there has been a lot of noise in the kitchen and also cakey smells and so I am getting excited :)

  • caught red-handed

    Well actually it is more purple-handed really but anyway this is what my friend Nick's hands did look like yesterday after he had been round to the graveyard and picked some blackberries

    Blackberries are his favourites and he does like blackberry and apple pie the best which my friend Helen can bake it for him because she is a Great British Baker :D

    The council men are all a bit mean and do try to cut all the bushes down in the graveyard but my friend Nick says that they can not stop the blackberries because they are indestructible and so it is some free food which is a good thing and also he is careful and tries to leave just as many as he does pick so that there is some left for the birdies and that although I am not sure if that is such a good idea because when the blackbirds eat them they do just make big black splodgy poos everywhere in the garden!

    It was a bit earlier this year that they was ripe and it was earlier even than last year which was early as well and my friend Nick says that it is Global Warming so that is a bit odd I reckon because it has been a bit miserable for weather except for a few days so if it does want to be a bit global warmer for a while then that is nice today :)

  • Summer is here so it must be time for the turtles to come out

    Because it is a nice day my friend Nick decided that he would like to go and have one of his walks round to the common and on the way back he saw this

    which was a surprise and also it is in the pond which is supposed to be for growing up the fish and there is no fishing there so they will not be very happy if mister turtle is eating them all up!

    My friend Nick has had a look on the internet for me and he does say that it was a American Red Eared Slider Turtle which is called that because they like to slide off into the water very quick and also he has got some red bits on his head that look like ears although I think that is only if you do use your imagination. It is a shame that the camera that my friend Nick has got on his phone is not very good any more because even though the turtle was a big one and not very far away neither he could not get close enough still but anyway here is another picture that was when he was looking round and that was a good job too because otherwise my friend Nick reckons that he was thinking it was just a plastic one that someone had thrown over the railings

    Apparently people like to buy turtles for pets and then throw them away like they is rubbish which is just stupid and mean as well but he looks like he is having a very nice time in the sun anyway so it has worked out alright for him in the end and the ducks and the fish will just have to watch out is all I reckon.

  • too many maggots

    Oh dear my friend Helen and my friend Nick was feeding the robins in the garden that did make a nest outside our door in the hedgey bit and that was ok because the babies are all out and fine and the robins are always coming back for more to feed them with when they are sitting in the tree and so they are very tame now and will eat their dinner out of my friend Nick's hand even but unfortunately it does mean as well that now they are always hanging about and waiting for more wiggly worms and I do know that I have been saying they is maggots but apparently they are not just maggots but something else because the other day when we run out we got some of them from the fishing shop and the robins was not very keen so my friend Helen had to buy some more of the other ones that come in the post which are called waxworms or mealworms and they are quite expensive as well so I am glad I did not start it because it is costing them a flipping fortune! My friend Helen did go on the internet for some more on friday because she knew that we would be running out on the weekend again only they did not come on monday so the robins was bouncing up and down outside and looking like the birds from Roobarb and giving us the stinky eye through the window and saying peep peep peep! all of the time. We thought that the mealyworms would come for sure today and then it would be alright but then when the postieman arrived he did not have them so just to make sure she has got some for this weekend my friend Helen ordered some more and did pay even some extra so that they would be sure to arrive the next day or else and then my friend Nick went and bought some from a shop just to keep them going only when he got back home again the others had arrived (of course:) and so now almost the whole fridge is full up with the robins food and there is more to come as well and they will look like tennis balls I reckon after they have ate that lot! It is lucky that they do not like carrots because my carrots is in the fridge as well and I do not want maggots on them yuck! Anyway here is a bit of a video of one of the robins on our back door that my friend Nick done with his phone and he is making a mess and dropping maggots in my friend Helen's wellies probably.

  • guarding the garden

    In our garden my friend Helen likes to feed the birds and they are very pleased about that and come all of the time to get their free food (I have tried a lot to get my friend Helen to charge them for the food but she says no and that it is charity and so she does not and anyway apparently birds do not carry much loose change).
    Every year we have got different ones turn up it seems like and one thing that is a problem is that where we have got a fig tree just outside our doors the glass must be just in the right place so that they can see themselves in it as a reflection like a mirror and so every year at one time of the day some bird will come and tap on the window and get the hump because they think it is their territory which means that it is where they live and they do not like the idea that some reflecty bird is invading it!
    Last year and the year before that there was the Goldcrest and the Firecrest but this year we have got two different ones that is called Long-tailed Tits and also Dunnocks and unfortunately because they fly away when you go near and do not hang about like the Firecrests and that did then I have not got no pictures yet but so that you can get an idea the Long-tailed Tits look like they are a ball of fluff that is on a stick and the Dunnock does look a bit like a boring version of a Robin that is just brown and has not got any red bit on its chest. They must not be very bright but it is also annoying for the Robins that is trying to make a nest in the hedge and they are not so stupid and do not get annoyed by their reflection at all but do try to sit in between so that the Dunnocks will just get the message and fly away and leave them in peace so that they do not attract no cats or nothing.
    Even the Blue Tits and the Great Tits (I do not know what is so great about them) do not like the Dunnocks very much because they are in the way all of the time when they do try to get on the feeder and so they have to nip in a bit quick and this year we have also got a load of Goldfinches (five of them at once) that are blocking them off as well and even a Starling which is a bit big to hang on really but they still have a go. The Robin usually stands on a special stump of a branch in the tree that is just for him and he likes to take control and supervise on the feeder and so he tells everyone when they can have a turn but he is getting fed up with all the arguments now which is called disgruntled and so he is not being so careful to do that job any more and that is even before he is bothered because of Fat Tony which is what we do call the big Pigeon who does come and try to get anything that he can from off of the ground where they drop loads of stuff and he is called Fat Tony because of someone in The Simpsons on the telly.
    So anyway that is what it is like in our garden at the moment and I will try and get my friend Nick to do some pictures if he can but it is quite hard with his new phone apparently.

    I will just add this because I think that it is very funny because it is the best picture he has managed to take of it so far and it is annoying my friend Nick so he says that he does think that the Dunnock is just playing a birdy version of a game that he says is called "knock down ginger" and it is when you ring the doorbell and run away although that does not sound like a very good game to me :D


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